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How can I access 25LivePro?

25LivePro can be accessed at the following web address: http://25Live.collegenet.com/syracuse using a web browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome strongly recommended).  If you do not have Firefox or Chrome contact your departmental IT person. Please note: system performance can vary based on a number of factors such as the speed of your network connection, available bandwidth, and the number of users on the system.

What is 25LivePro?

25LivePro is a web-based room scheduling system used to schedule classes and events across campus.

Who can use 25LivePro?

Anyone can view 25LivePro information but only designated Syracuse University staff can schedule classes and events. Requests for space are made through the Registrar’s Office if you are scheduling an event associated with your class or academic in nature, or Student Centers and Programming Services who oversees nonacademic events associated with academic/administrative departments and registered student organizations and not associated academically with a class.
In order to schedule space for an event or class, designated staff must log in to 25LivePro using their SU netid and password.  Syracuse University Faculty/staff do not log in using the calendar to review scheduled events do no log in.
Note: In order to schedule space at Syracuse University, you must be a registered student organization, a current staff member or a faculty member.  Event requests received from outside agencies and companies cannot be accommodated.

What can I see in 25LivePro?

Currently you can use 25LivePro to view scheduled classes/events in classroom space, Bird Library, Law School, Schine and Goldstein Student Centers, Skybarn, Inn Complete, Hendricks Chapel, and Recreation Services facilities (including the ropes course). If you are the room owner/controller of a space and you would like to have an event scheduled in 25LivePro, please contact suscheduling@syr.edu.

How far in advance can I submit my request for space?

You can submit an event up until the next calendar year in advance but different scheduling offices may have different policies regarding if the event will be approved. For example, if you are requesting an event in a Registrar Classroom through the Registrar’s Office or Student Centers and Programming Services, they cannot be approved until academic classroom scheduling has been completed for each upcoming semester.  During fall semesters, you can request an event approximately six month prior to the event. For an upcoming spring event, requests can be made roughly five months prior to the event. If you submit an event before it is allowed, you may be asked to resubmit the event 30 days before the start of the academic semester where it falls.

The front page is overwhelming after I sign in. I do not know where to start!

The locations tab will help you in viewing what activity is scheduled for the specific room you are interested in.

What do the colored bars mean in the availability grid?

The colored bars mean that something is scheduled in that room during that date and time. White space on the availability grid means the room is available. You can hover over the colored bars on the availability grid to see the name, date, and time of the event. If you double click on the event, information in the colored bar, it will take you to the event detail where you can also see the name and email address of the event requester.

How can I look at the availability grid for 1 week at a time (or 16 weeks at a time) like I could with Web Viewer?

When you pull up space information, you will see an “Availability (Daily)” tab and an “Availability (Weekly)” tab. You can go to the “Availability (Weekly)” tab and then adjust the “Number of Weeks” option to 16 to view a whole semester at once.

I found an available space using the availability grid, but 25LivePro told me that I am not allowed to schedule events. Why?

The most common issue is you are in a default security group when you are logged in that only allows you to view event activity. Please contact the Registrar’s Office or Student Centers and Programming Services to schedule an event in a room you have identified as not in use.
In order to schedule space at Syracuse University, you must be a registered student organization, a current staff member or a faculty member. Event requests received from outside agencies and companies cannot be accommodated without being sponsored by an academic/administrative department or a registered student organization.

How will I know my event is scheduled?

When your event request has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email with your reference number. If you are requesting any of the other spaces in 25LivePro, your event will be scheduled when you receive a confirmation email from the appropriate scheduling office. Once your event is scheduled, it will show up in the locations tab in the appropriate room.

I submitted a request things have changed now – can I change it?

Resubmit a new request with instructions on what the changes are to:
Registrar’s Office

Submit an update/cancellation form including what the changes are to:
Student Centers and Programming Services

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