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The following is a short list of forms most frequently used by faculty and academic administrators alike.
If you are looking for a form that you do not see listed here, or have difficulty using any of the forms, please contact us

Please note the following regarding document types:

  • Documents created in Microsoft Word (".doc") must be downloaded. You cannot edit them on screen .
  • Fillable PDFs and those that require a signature (for example, the Candidate Request for Tenure Review) must be downloaded before completing. 


Hiring related information can now be found under "Support for Faculty Appointments"

Review and Reappointment

Form NameNotes or instructions
Calendar Year 2023 CV Update Form (DOC)Check with your department, school, or college for due dates.
Report and Recommendation for Non-tenured Faculty (DOC)

Must be completed for all tenure-track faculty each year on the tenure track. May be completed for all teaching professors (all ranks), research professors, and professors of practice, as directed by each school or college. 

Candidate's Request for Tenure Review (fillable PDF)Before submitting, please rename the file to include your first and last name as follows: <last name>, <first name>_Candidate Request for Tenure Review
Senate Form A (DOC)To be completed by all candidates for tenure and/or promotion. 
Tenure Summary Dossier checklist (DOC)

Leaves of Absence (and related)

Faculty Administrative Leave of Absence Application (DOC)

Faculty Research Leave of Absence Application (DOC)

Faculty Parental Leave of Absence Application (PDF)

Disability/Maternity Benefits Application

Return to Work form (for disability leaves)

Part-time Leave of Absence Request* (PDF)

*For leaves of absence for part-time faculty who are governed by the Syracuse University/Adjuncts United Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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