The Writing Center offers one-on-one consulting services to support the success of all Syracuse University Students.

With a primary aim to help you became a stronger more accomplished writer. No matter which forms of support you choose, writing consultants will work with you at any stage of your writing. Make an appointment today.

There are three ways to get help

  • Face-to-Face 
  • Asynchronous Appointments
  • Synchronous Appointments

When booking an appointment in the Center, you will be prompted to upload a text for your consultant to review. Please only upload Microsoft Word documents when creating your appointment; submitting other document types may result in the appointment being canceled. You can only upload a single text to a given appointment; failing to properly upload your draft via WCOnline– or uploading multiple texts to a single appointment– will result in your appointment being canceled.  Please be aware of all Appointment policies.

You will receive feedback from a consultant by the date and time on which you've reserved an appointment. 

Please contact Ben Erwin at with any questions about the Writing Center policies or procedures.”

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