With the end of the semester approaching, how can you make sure you’re finishing strong so you can head into the summer feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished? Here are some tips...

Maximize your grades

It’s time to review your syllabus! Double-check the due dates, announcements, or class discussion boards to ensure you’re fully up to date. Adding some important deadlines to your calendar can help as a reminder! Schedule appointments with CLASS and other academic support resources.


Time management

You may find an increase in your workload as the end of the semester approaches, which could require additional studying, writing, researching. Create a study schedule, and try to stick to it in order to stay focused and get ahead. Don’t forget to include time for tutoring or appointments with the Writing Center as needed.


Take breaks

Although you may need to increase the time you’re spending on your studies, continue to set time aside to step away and clear your mind. Ensure your schedule has a good balance, leave time for yourself to relax, go on a walk, or join a variety of virtual group wellness sessions.


Communicate with your academic support resources

With the transition to online learning, your instructor and advisor are your best resources. Continue to reach out for guidance or if any questions or concerns arise. Use this opportunity to ask about the other online resources that are available to you.


Prioritize your upcoming assignments and exams

This could be the perfect opportunity to reach out to your academic advisor to discuss some of the online academic support resources:

CLASS: In addition to individual and group tutoring, CLASS is offering peer tutoring or coaching sessions on topics such as managing online learning.

SU Libraries: The SU Libraries has provided a list of resources and contact information if further assistance is required via chat, email at libref@syr.edu, or phone at 315.443.4083.

Writing Center: Plan to schedule appointments at least 48 hours in advance to allow consultants time to respond to your submission.  Schedule an anppointment here!

Calculus Help Center and Physics Help Center

Barnes Center at The Arch: Delivers Group Fitness Classes to Your Home. Offering robust in-person fitness community online through virtual group fitness

classes via its Wellness Portal.

ITS Service Center: help@syr.edu or by phone 315.443.2677

Academic Continuity Resource Page: Reference materials for academic support


Reflect on your learning style

Considering the end of the semester is approaching, think back to what was working for you! Is your space conducive to studying? If not, try to make adjustments as you can. Dedicating an area for your coursework and exams that is as free of distractions as possible, will help you feel comfortable finishing the semester strong.  


We’re here to help!

Online Student Success:     orangeonline@syr.edu    /  315.443.3256

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