EHSS Delivers all packages that contain chemicals.  Below are special considerations for EHSS delivered packages that are also temperature sensitive.


When a temperature-controlled package arrives with EHHS for delivery to Biology…

  1. EHHS will emails the lab and notes that it is temp sensitive, and it will be delivered within 1 hour
  2. EHHS will try to deliver the package to the lab 
  3. If there is no one in the lab – EHSS will deliver the package directly to room 241 and place it into either the -20oC freezer or 4oC Refrigerator and email the lab that is has been delivered there (they will also copy in Kelly and Molly).  

For the following rare events EHSS will address as follows:

  • EHSS receives a package requiring -80oC storage and no one is in the lab, EHSS will engage with the biology office if they are available and/or store it at EHSS -80 until the lab is available to receive.
  • EHSS receives an oversized temperature-controlled package, and no one is in the lab to receive, EHSS will unpackage and place in the LSC 241 refrig/freezer and leave empty packaging in room 241.

As a reminder – to get things from room 241, please see a staff member in the biology office as they must unlock the room due to the the refrig/freezer in that room also having the Invitrogen supply center reagents in them. Kelly is usually here by 7am – although the office is locked until 8.30 so a call to her at x1360 will be necessary.

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