If an accident in a lab occurs and an employee or lab member is injured, certain steps must be followed to ensure the wellbeing of the individual impacted.


  • Contact the Department of Public Safety 315.443.2224 immediately in the event chemical spillage, accidental release, or accidental injury. Public Safety will notify emergency responders, ambulance services, Fire and Life Safety, and Environmental Health and Safety Services.

  • Injured/exposed individuals should be instructed to remove contaminated clothing and wash contaminated body areas with water. If possible, determine the exact name and concentration of chemical(s) involved.  If available, a SDS or any necessary information about the chemical(s) should be provided to emergency responders.

  • Emergency responders will decide if the victim needs to go to hospital.  Ambulance services  will respond within minutes.  Do not transport a victim, or let a victim take themselves to the hospital.  The victim must be accompanied by qualified medical personnel.

  • Environmental Health and Safety Services will conduct/coordinate hazardous material clean-up and determine when the lab can be re-occupied.

  • Employee injuries must be reported to the Office of Risk Management by submitting a Workers Compensation Accident Report within 24 hours of the incident. (Click the link and select download for the form).  

It is also crucial that if anyone is working on the weekend or out of hours in the week that they need to make sure that somebody knows where they are and can check in with them if they don’t get home when they say they will.

And that you do NOT do anything that may be dangerous (even if you think it is highly unlikely that it would be dangerous) - unless someone else is in earshot!

This includes pipetting something that if splashed in your eye would be bad (most things other than PBS and distilled water).

Please make sure that you always wear safety glasses when you are pipetting / handling any chemicals that could be dangerous to your eyes - or do this behind a fume cupboard screen.

Remember - safety always has to be our number one concern

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