Quick Reference

  1. Take Ownership
  2. Check to see if there is a Customer Agreement on File
  3. If not, then
    1. Change the status to New Customer Agreement Required
    2. Go Home
    3. Grab Next one
  4. If yes, then
    1. Select the appropriate Customer Agreement from the Customer Billing Tab
    2. Review what the requester needs
    3. Create Work Order
    4. Go to Syracuse Work Order
    5. Assignments Tab
    6. New Row
    7. Add Shop
      1. If Custodial, Grounds or Housekeeping make an assignment note as to who you radioed.
      2. Add person if you are dispatching directly to someone.
      3. Save
    8. Return from Syracuse Work Order
    9. Go Home
    10. Grab Next one


The Dispatch Start Center has 3 portlets

  • Favorite Applications
  • Service Requests for Review
  • Approved Work Orders with No Assignment

Favorite Applications

  • Service Request (SP)
  • Syracuse Work Order
  • Create Service Request

Image of Dispatch Favorite Applications

Service Requests for Review = Service Requests that need a work order created or need to be sent to Accounting for a customer agreement

Image of Dispatch Service Requests for Review Portlet

Approved Work Orders with No Assignment = Any work order that has been created and has no shop or technician assignment

Image of Dispatch Approved Work Orders with no assignment portlet

To Process a Billed Service Request:

  • Select  a service request to process from the Service Requests for Review portlet
  • Take Ownership, this will let everyone else in Dispatch know that you are working on this Service Request.  If you see someone else's name in the owner field, go home and select another service request.

Image of Billed Service take ownership

  • Go to the Customer Billing Tab and click on the magnifying glass next to the Agreement field.  If there are agreements on file, they will be displayed in the pop-up window.

Image of Customer Billing with no agreement on file

  • If no applicable agreement is available, click on the cancel button and then change the Service Request Status to New Customer Agreement Required, click on Ok, Go Home, Work on the next service request.

Image of Status Change to New Customer Agreement Required

  • If a Customer Agreement is available, select the appropriate customer agreement.  Make sure the description is appropriate for the service requested and there is enough funding if there was a limit.

Image of Service Request Customer Agreements

  • Review the details and any attachments on the service request.  If anything is missing or unclear, contact the requester for clarification or more information.
  • Update any information as needed.
  • Create the Work Order and then go to the new Work Order

Image of Billed Service Create Work Order

  • Click on the Assignments Tab, click on New Row, click on the caret to collapse details, add a shop and add a technician if dispatching.
  • Click on either the save icon or save link.  DO NOT CLICK ON EITHER COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT BUTTON.
  • A Supervisor QA Review assignment will automatically be created.

Image of Save Billed Service Work Order

  • Click on the Link for Return

Image of Save Assignment on Work Order

  • Go Home and use the Service Requests for Review portlet to select another Service Request to process.

Image of Go Home from Service Request

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