Project Mosaic

Mosaics are an art form that requires patience, planning and long-term commitment.  The artist must imagine the big picture while simultaneously placing each small tile with precision.

Campus Facilities Administration & Services (CFAS) is beginning a project that requires similar imagination and precision.  It’s a project with many parts that need to fit together.  During this project the FAMIS system, online Frevvo forms, multiple shadow systems, and business processes will be replaced.  Each piece is important, but like tiles in a mosaic mural, each piece will help form a larger picture.

Mosaic will modernize CFAS’s business processes and replace outdated systems with IBM Maximo and Tririga.  The project is focused on three areas: Work Order Management, Preventative Maintenance and Space Management.

Over the next 15 months, the implementation team will work with an implementation partner, Barton & Loguidice, on the configuration of the new systems, imagining both the wide-ranging outlines for the new systems and helping to guide the arrangement of the individual parts.

Systems being implemented: Facilities Maintenance: Maximo & Space Management: Tririga

Systems being replaced: FAMIS & SWO

Go-Live Date: Maximo: 2/29/24, Tririga: 5/12/23

Campus Impact: 

  • Facilities Maintenance: Request for Service.  There will be a link will be available at go-live on the Facilities Services website and a via tile in Myslice.
  • Space Management: The campus annual space survey will be performed using Tririga.  The Space Management team will roll out the software gradually by deploying it in phases, starting with a few departments and eventually expanding the rollout to all departments.

Core Team

Functional: Mary Pat Grzymala, Chad Hendrick, Chris Danek, Scott Wright, Seth Enders, Glenn Korec, Eileen Simmons, Hana Clark

Subject Matter Experts: Debbie Skeele, Andrea Nedoshytko, Becky Ponza, Kelly Miller, Erin Schaal, Jon Wolf

Project Management: Lana Pettit (PM) & Chris Stewart

Technical: Pete Giovinazzo, Phil Driscoll, Pat Cabrey, Dan Edwards, Dawn Havill, Connie LaRocca, Eric Patten, Nicole Beck, Ken Seelman, Tom Haskell, Erik Anderson, Tony Horzempa

Peripheral System Functional Contacts: Carolyn Hoare, Shad Pulverenti, Mike Cusano, Cindy Dinneen, Anne Marie Domingue-Kratz

Implementation Partners

Barton & Loguidice: Tim Taber & Elizabeth Kissner (PMs), Kelli Carsky, Kyle Baumgarten, Chase Hodgkins

Tjene: Calvin Kwok (PM), Chris Chu, Serene Young

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