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Login to Maximo: Service Requests - BFAS – Syracuse University

Click on the .. at the bottom of the page (If your ID is a Test User ID - you will need to use the . at the bottom of the page)

Timeout: If you have not done anything in the system for 30 minutes, you will be logged out.


Supervisor Start Center Contains 6 portlets:

  1. Favorite Applications
  2. Work Orders Scheduled to My Shop (not yet assigned)
  3. Preventive Maintenance Work Orders
  4. Work Orders Awaiting Supervisor Review (QA/QC)
  5. Work Orders Assigned to Shop in "WMATL" Status
  6. Technician Work Load - Assigned Labor Search

1-Favorite Applications

  • Syracuse Work Orders - Training Day 4
  • Labor Reporting - Training Day 3
  • Create Service Request - Training Day 4

Image of the Favorite Applications Portlet

2-Work Orders Scheduled to My Shop (not yet assigned):  All corrective maintenance work orders that are assigned to "my" shop.  These work orders can be assigned to technicians by the supervisor.

3-Preventive Maintenance Work Orders: All preventive maintenance work orders that are assigned to "my" shop.  These work orders may already be assigned to a technician or can be assigned if they are in a scheduled status.

4-Work Orders Awaiting Supervisor Review (QA/QC) - Training Day 4: All work orders where the assigned technician in "my" shop has completed their assignment.  Once all technician assignments and all supervisor QA/QC assignments are complete, the person who requested the service will get an email that the service is done.  BE CAREFUL to ensure the job is done before completing the QA/QC assignment, this will complete the work order triggering the email to the requester.

5-Work Orders Assigned to Shop in "WMATL" Status - Training Day 2: All work orders where either the technician or supervisor has changed the status to Waiting on Material (WMATL).  These work orders cannot be completed because you are waiting on some item to arrive to complete the work.

6-Technician Work Load - Assigned Labor Search - Training Day 4: This portlet is used to determine how many work orders are assigned to each technician in your shop.  It should be used to ensure the work is distributed appropriately.

Assign Work Orders to Technicians

Image of Work Orders Scheduled to My Shop Portlet


  • Scheduled = Shop assigned; no technician assigned
  • Dispatched - Shop and technician assigned.  The technician may be assigned by Dispatch or the Supervisor. 

How to filter each column:  Type the words you want to filter on in the row in the column where there is an underline and hit <enter>

Example:  I only want to see scheduled work orders in Lyman Hall.

Image of Filtered List of Dispatched Work Orders

REMINDER:  The filter will stay until your remove it or log out of the system.  So If you're not seeing what you think you should be seeing, check and ensure you don't have a filter applied.

Why do I see a different shop in the Shop Assignment column?  There may be multiple assignments on the work order to multiple shops.  The first shop assignment shows in this column.  If the work order is on your list, your shop is in a subsequent assignment.

How to I assign to a technician?

  • Click on the work order to assign
  • Go to the Assignments Tab

Image of Work Order Assignments Tab

  • Enter the netid of the technician to be assigned or use the magnifying glass to find the appropriate technician.  **NO NEED TO FILL IN THE CRAFT**

Image of Assignments Tab Add Technician

Image of List of Values for Technician


Image of Save Work Order Changes

Does the technician get notified they have an assignment?  Yes, on their iPad.

What is the QA/QC assignment?  This will be part of the supervisor process once the technician has completed their assignment.  The supervisor will be responsible to review the log created by the technician and review the hours worked for reasonableness.  We'll cover this more in training day 4.

How to I complete the QA/QC assignment?  We'll try this when we review the portlet Work Orders Awaiting Supervisor Review (QA/QC)

  • Click on the words Supervisor QA Review
  • NOW - click on a Complete Assignment button

What if I want to assign 2 employees to this job?  How do I add another assignment?

  • Click on the + button or New Row Button

Image of Add an additional assignment to a work order

  • Collapse the row by clicking on the caret on the left

Image of Collapse a New Row

  • Add your shop and then the technician **NO NEED TO FILL IN THE CRAFT**

Image of Adding an Assignment Shop and Technician


Image of Save a Work Order

Why isn't there another QA/QC Row?  There will only be one QA/QC row per shop.

Can I add another assignment for another shop?  It's best to just add a row for the second shop.   Let the supervisor in that shop assign to a technician.

Example: An assignment was added for the Electric Shop.  Note the ELEC QA/QC assignment was created automatically.

Image of Assignment to a different shop

Preventive Maintenance Work Orders

How are these created?  Based on the schedule discussed with Scott.

Why is there a work order for each piece of equipment?  That is how Maximo creates PM work orders

Do I have to assign these to technicians?  No.  They can assign themselves from the work orders assigned to my shop on the iPad

What's different about PM work Orders?  Not much.  There's tasks that can be used for reference.  These were created based on your discussions with Scott.

Do the technicians have systematically complete the tasks? No.  They should be using them as a reference to complete the preventive maintenance.

Example of PM Tasks:

Image of Preventive Maintenance Tasks

Can I add more tasks?  Yes and no.  For the particular work order, yes.  If you want the task to appear forever more then you need to coordinate with Scott or the Asset Management team.

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