• iPads - what is your staff seeing

Icons the technicians will use to interact with Maximo:

Maximo AppGreen SheetsCreate Service Request

Image of Maximo App Icon

Image of Green Sheets Icon

Image of Create Service Request Icon


Can the technicians use their phone to update Maximo?  Yes, they will be given the information needed to connect to Maximo once we are live.

Do they have to use their personal phone?  No.

Do they have to use the iPad?  Yes, if they're not using their phone.

What tasks will they be required to perform?  Add a log of what they did, add hours to the work order, add inventory materials if they were needed to complete the job, complete the assignment, add any vacation, sick, personal, leader pay, refused overtime, etc. time.  In the future, we will need to capture equipment that is being serviced on the work order.

What happens to the paper green sheets?  They will no longer be used.

Can the employee still use paper anyways?  No.  The paper green sheet will not be accepted for payroll.

Can they talk into the iPad to create the logs?  Yes.

Can they take pictures to add to the work order?  Yes.

Can they scan the barcode on the equipment to add it to the work order?  Yes.

What if there's no barcode on the equipment?  They can create a work order and assign it to the Asset Management team to go and tag the equipment.

Can they put other apps on their iPads?  Yes, if they've added their Apple ID to their device

What other apps will be on the iPad by default?  Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, Web Browsers, SU BioRAFT

How do they connect to the internet?  AirOrangeX

What if they don't have a Wi-Fi signal?   The iPad will work offline and upload transactions once they are back in range of a Wi-Fi signal?

Do the iPads timeout like the desktop app?  Yes.  The technicians will be taught to make sure their iPad has not expired.  It is a simple process to get logged back in.

What if the iPad gets damaged?  All the iPads have AppleCare, the employee needs to see Liz Costa to initiate the repairs.

What do they do while their iPad is damaged?  Each shop will have 2 loaner iPads.  These are to be used if someone forgets their iPad or damages their iPad.

Are they required to leave them at work?  No.  But they must be charged for work each day.

Is there a place to charge them at work?  Yes.  There are charging cabinets available for everyone to use throughout the plant.

Does everyone have an iPad?  No.  All shop technicians will have an iPad.  Custodial, Housekeeping, and Building Supervisors have an iPad.  Grounds will eventually be given iPads for vehicle/equipment inspections.  This will be later in 2024.

Can technicians create work orders?  Yes.  They can create work orders for themselves and for other shops.  They cannot assign work orders to other technicians, only supervisors can do that.

Do technicians have to add materials purchased through ePro directly for the job?  No, these will be added automatically.

Maximo App

Click on the Navigator at the bottom to bring up the main page

Image of Maximo App Main Page

My Schedule shows the technician assigned to them and assigned to their shop

Image of iPad Work Orders

Work Orders are sorted by Priority, then last change date

  • Corrective Maintenance Work Orders are priority 2
  • Preventive Maintenance Work Orders are priority 3

After clicking on the caret on the right, they'll see the work order details:

  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • Is it Corrective or Preventive Maintenance
  • Category of the issue
  • Location of the problem
  • Asset information, if attached
  • Location Safety Information
  • Asset Safety Information, if the asset is attached
  • Any attachments the requester has added (pictures, diagrams, etc.)
  • When the issue was reported
  • Who reported the issue
  • The phone number of the person who reported the issue

Image of iPad Work Order Details

To add a work log, add inventory materials, report hours worked on the job, and complete the assignment they will click on the Report Work Button

Report Work Page

Image of iPads Report Work Page

Add a Work Log

Image of iPad Work Log

Add Inventory Materials to a job

Select the + next to the Materials Used 

Image of iPad Inventory Materials Add

Select the Storeroom

Image of iPad Select Storeroom

Image of iPad Select Storeroom Name

Select the Part Number

Image of iPad Select Part Number

Update the Quantity and Submit

Image of iPad Materials Submit

Report Work Screen with Inventory Materials added

Image of iPad Report Work with Materials

Reminder FAQ: Do technicians have to add materials purchased through ePro directly for the job?  No, these will be added automatically.

Add Hours worked on the job

1- One day job - Complete Assignment and Add Hours

MUST SELECT THE ASSIGNMENT - If you don't you'll get an error

 Image of iPad Complete Assignment

2-Multiple day job

Image of Reporting iPad Labor Multiple Day

Image of iPad Submit Hours Multiple Day

To create a Work Order

Click on the + on the Navigator Page

Image of iPad Create a Work Order

Enter the following information

  • Short Description
  • Long Description, optional
  • Category
  • Select the correct location - use Search to Find the Location
  • Select the correct asset, optional - Use Scan to scan barcode
  • Assign to yourself or assign to a Shop

WARNING: Make sure to click on Save to submit.  If the iPad goes to sleep before you click on save the work order will be lost...

Image of iPad Create Work Order 1

Image of iPad Search Location

Image of iPad Locations

Image of iPad Assignments

Image of iPad Shops

Image of iPad Submit Work Order

Green Sheets

  • Time from work orders should be added from the Maximo App My Schedule (see above)
    • Regular Hours
    • Overtime Hours
    • Double Time Hours
    • Worked Holiday Hours
  • Green Sheets app should be used to add any Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) pay
    • Auto Allowance
    • Freezer Pay
    • Heat Pay
    • Height Pay
    • Leader Pay
    • Meals Allowance
    • Out of Grade
  • Green Sheets app should be used to add any benefit time
    • Ny Family Leave- No Pay
    • Floating Holiday
    • Special Floating Holiday
    • FMLA Reduced Sick
    • FMLA Sick
    • FMLA Sick No Pay
    • Funeral/Bereavement
    • Holiday Pay
    • Jury Duty
    • Miliary Leave
    • Orange Appreciation Day
    • Personal Business
    • Reduced Sick Time
    • Sick Time
    • Training
    • Union Time with Pay
    • Vacation
  • Green Sheets app should be used to add any refused overtime or absent time
    • Absent no pay
    • Absent with pay
    • Refused Overtime
  • The supervisor will need to approve any time entered before Facilities Payroll can process
  • Totals are provided to validate daily and weekly hours in the following categories:
    • Regular = 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week
    • Overtime
    • Double Time
    • Worked Holiday
    • CBA Pay
    • Refused Overtime

Image of iPad Green Sheets Main Page

  • Hours can be added associated to work orders but this should not be encouraged.
  • Once a supervisor and/or faculties payroll has approved the hours, the employee cannot update.
    • S = Supervisor Approved
    • F = Facilities Payroll Approved

Image of iPad Green Sheets Approvals

  • To delete a row - click on the trash can
  • To add a row - click on the New Row Button
  • To save - click on the Save Button at the top of the page

Image of iPad Green Sheets Save Button

Click to go to the page for instruction to create a Service Request

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