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Is it required to QA/QC a work order? Yes.  This is the step that completes the work order and send a notification to the person who requested the service.

What does QA/QC stand for?  Quality Assurance and Quality Control

How often should I QA/QC?  Every day, if the job is done it's good customer service to let the requestor know as soon as possible.

What if I complete the QA/QC assignment and it's not really done?  Contact Dispatch immediately.  They will re-open the Service Request and create a new work order to finish the job.  They will also ensure the customer knows of the error.

What if there are multiple shops on a work order, when does the requester get a done email?  When the last QA/QC assignment is completed.

To complete the QA/QC Assignment

  • From the Work Orders Awaiting Supervisor Review (QA/QC) portlet select a work order

Image of QA QC Portlet

  • Go to the Assignments tab
  • Click on the word Supervisor QA Review
  • Click on the Complete Assignment Button (there are two, you can click on either one)

Image of QA QC Assignments Tab

  • The status of the work order must go to complete for the email to be sent to the requester.

Image of QA QC Work Order Complete

Example email sent to the requester:

Image of Resolved Service Request Email

To Create a Work Order with No Service Request


Why create a Service Request:  The requester gets notified when the job is complete.

Why create a Work Order with no Service Request: An internal facilities job where there is no notification required.

  • From the Favorite Applications Portlet select Syracuse Work Order
  • Click on the + New Work Order

Image of Create New Work Order

  • Enter the Short Description
  • Enter the Long Description, not required
  • Enter the Asset, not required but desired
  • Enter the Work Order Location (it will default if you entered the Asset/Equipment being serviced)
  • Select the Issue
  • Click on Save

Image of New Work Order

  • Go to the Assignments Tab
  • Add an assignment
  • Assign to Shop, required
  • Assign to Technician, not required
  • Click on Save

Image of New Work Order Assignment

Technician Work Load Portlet

Use this portlet is used to determine how many work orders are assigned to each technician in your shop.  It should be used to ensure the work is distributed appropriately. 

Image of Technician Workload Portlet

Use the filter in the Assignment column to review how many work orders are assigned to a technician.  Need to determine if the workload is distributed appropriately based on the type of work required for the jobs and the quantity assigned.

Do not use the Set Chart Options since setting this to a pie chart cannot be done by Technician.  This type of chart also only takes into account work order quantity and not effort required per job.

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