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  • Research Proposal Form: This form is for students who are planning to conduct research for credit (CHE 450/BCM 460). Please do not fill out this form until you've found a research advisor. Once this form is filled out, the Chemistry Department will enroll you in CHE 450/BCM 460. You can earn 1-3 credits for research.

  • I want to get involved with a research lab. How do I get started? You should first review the department's faculty and research pages. Look for the types of projects that sound interesting to you. Make a list of faculty whom you might like to work with, and start contacting them by email or phone. You will likely find some who are unable to take another student. If you cannot set something up right away, you probably will be able to make arrangements for the next semester. If you are having a lot of trouble finding a lab, please contact

  • I'm interested in conducting research during the summer. How can I go about that? Occasionally, faculty will sponsor students during the summer. We suggest reaching out to your research advisor about summer opportunities. You can also apply to our REU program, or one at another school

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