Starting in Fall 2023, CODL officially moved back to the SU main campus. The new recording studios are located on the first floor at 100 Sims Drive.
This new and dynamic environment features two top-notch studios, spacious storage, and cutting-edge post-production rooms.
The studios are fully sound-proofed and equipped with a 4x4 ceiling grid, adaptable set-panels, and motorized background rolls.

This page shows you some of the in-studio recording options we offer to help you develop your online class.

Syracuse Soundstage Studios

Behind the scenes: interview recording setup in the studio 

Behind the scenes: lecture setup in the studio

The studio-lecture recordings allow the instructor to directly present information to the students in a clean and concise package. 
The instructor performs their lecture for the camera in a catered background setup. 
Additional resources such as graphics and animations can also be included in the lecture.
Props are encouraged to assist in catering the background set to fit the course lectures.
If props will be provided by the instructor, they need to be given to the studio at least one week before the recording date.

The following are examples of the types of videos we create: 

Lectures + 2 Person Setup


Demonstrations + Roundtable Discussions

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