Video Lectures

Video lectures are traditionally individual sessions where you record video and audio to communicate your course content. 

Video lectures may or may not include supplemental materials such as PowerPoints or graphics.

Audio Lectures

Audio lectures are traditionally individual sessions where you only record audio talking about your course content. 

Group Discussions

Group discussions consist of two or more people talking about your course content. The other subjects in the video can be subject-matter experts, or students.

These group discussions can be expressed through interviews, socratic dialogues, or panel style discussions.

For purposes of recording at home, we recommend limiting the number of participants to two. This will help avoid crowding people into the video frame, and provide a clean and clear image for the students.

Remote Discussions

Remote-based discussions usually consist of two or more people who are in different locations. These recording sessions are conducted with video conferencing tools like Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom.

For these sessions it is important to familiarize yourself with your chosen tools settings and preferences for recording a call.

Please see the Recording Software section for more details.

Narrated Powerpoints & Screen Recording

Narrated powerpoints and screen recordings capture you narrating visual material for your students. In addition to your audio and screen recording, these videos may or may not include you on camera depending on what you decide is best for communicating your content to students.

Please see the Getting Started Section for more details.

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