Device Options

Webcam and USB microphone Options

If your computer is more than a few years old, we recommend you invest in an external webcam and USB microphone. These offer better video and audio quality than your computer's built-in system.

When shopping for webcams Logitech is a reliable brand, and for microphones you can trust the quality of Blue Microphones.

Phone and Tablet options

If you have a phone or tablet with a recording option, it is possible to record and upload. We recommend that you film yourself with the device horizontally to replicate standard video dimensions. 

Please see 10.) Where to Upload for more information on how to upload files from your device.

If you have access to better camera and microphone resources please feel free to use them. Our aim in this guide is to provide simple solutions to recording at home.

If you have any technical questions please reach out to ITS.

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