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A scribing tool can be used to further illustrate content for the student. In the lecture, the instructor can use Apple or Windows interfaces to screen record themselves writing equations, diagrams, and more. In post-production, the scribed material can be adapted into graphic animation or supplemented as is into the lecture video.


Scripts or Slides

Instructors must provide scripts or slides to be shown on the teleprompter.

Content Outline

The following questions need to be answered:

  • What will you be scribing? 
  • How many video lectures will need the scribing tool?
  • What percentage of your videos will be scribed?
  • Will your scribed material need to be translated to graphics? 
  • Will you need to scribe on a blank board or on PowerPoint slides?

Production Meeting

  • A production meeting with the Production Team to discuss further details must happen at least 4 weeks prior to the recording date.

Materials Submitted

  • The materials for production must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the recording date.


More time might be needed to convert the gathered materials from the instructor into graphics prior to the recording date.

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