Always test your internet connection, microphone, and webcam before the recording session.
Camera Placement

Place your camera at eye-level so that the students can see your face at a comfortable and inviting angle. 

Look at your camera when you speak. This will create the illusion to your students that you are making eye contact with them, and allows them to better connect with you and the material.

Microphone Placement

Place your microphone below your chin. If you are using your computer’s internal audio to record, make sure there is nothing covering or obstructing the built-in microphone. Built in microphones are usually placed where the speakers are.

Make sure to speak slowly so your students can fully hear and understand what you are saying.

Body Positioning

Sit with a natural, relaxed posture. It is recommended to be an arm-length distance between yourself and the camera. Being too close to the camera can result in an uncomfortable experience for your students, and being too far away can make it hard for them to see and connect with you.

Make sure you are in the center of the frame and that your face can be fully seen. 

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