Upload to Youtube

To upload your file to youtube, login or make an account. 

In the upper-right corner, select the video camera icon with a plus sign. In the drop down menu, select “Upload Video.”

In the pop-up window, drag and drop your file. Or press select file, and then locate your file on your computer and press “Choose.”

Fill out the desired details about your video. Under the visibility section choose “Unlisted.” Then select Save.

Embedding in Blackboard

On your YouTube video page click share.

Select "Embed"

Login to Blackboard and navigate to your course page.

Select the “Content” Tap under your course name.

Select the build content tab under the main Content heading.

Select Create item.

Click the html button in the editor.

Paste embed code in there and select update. Note that you must embed the HTML code found in the “embed” option after you select “share” on Youtube, rather than using the generic web address.

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