Step 1

  • Click the Zoom tool on your Ultra courses main page. 

Step 2 

  • From the zoom landing page, click  "Schedule a new meeting" in the upper righthand corner of your screen.

Step 3

  • Select and set up the start dates and time of your course. Select and set up the time duration of your weekly live sessions

Step 4 

  • In the "Time Zone" section select the "Recurring meeting box"
  • Use the "Recurrence" drop down menu and select "Weekly"
  • Use the "Repeat every" drop down menu to select "1" or the frequency you wish these sessions to repeat. 
  • Select the "After" radio button and select "8" from the occurrences drop down menu.  

Step 5 

  • In the Video section, select the "on" radio buttons for both "Host" and "Participant"

Step 6 

  • In the "Security" section, you will note that “Require meeting passcode” and “Enable waiting room” are selected by default.

  •  In order to minimize background noise at the beginning of class, select the check box for “Mute participants upon entry” in the "Meeting Options" section 
  • to ensure that your zoom sessions are recorded,  in the "Meeting Options" section select the "Record the meeting automatically" check box and the "In the cloud" radio button. 

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