If you are not uploading your videos directly to Ensemble using the Ensemble Video Recorder, we recommend uploading your files to Google Drive using your University G Suite account. 

Google Drive

To access your University G Suite Account go to Google Drive and login 

In the Personal option box, select "Go to Google Drive." Use your regular netID and append "@g.syr.edu" to the end so that your login ID is "yournetID@g.syr.edu" - click Next 


On the My Drive page, make a folder by selecting the "New" button, and then "Folder." Label the folder. If you already have a google account and organizational system in place, organize accordingly. 


Open the folder and drag your files onto the google drive folder. Alternatively, select the new button again and choose "File Upload." Select the files and press "Choose."

Saving your files

When saving your files please name your video files like this:

"Course initial_Class Code_Prof.Name_Semester"


"WRT _205_Selbach_Fall2020"

This allows the videos to be easily organized and easily identifiable.
We recommend making a folder somewhere simple, like your desktop, to save all of your videos so it is easy and organized later once you are ready to upload

Alternative upload location

In the instance that you are having any problems using Google Drive we recommend using Wetransfer as a backup.

To send files using wetransfer, click on "Add your Files" and then select the files to upload from your computer.

Please fill out the wetransfer form like this:


Email to: your contact at CODL

Your email: (your SU email)

Message: College, Class Code (BPS 123), Professor’s Name and number of the weeks/lectures you are sending to us.

Keep in mind that with the free version you can upload files up to 2GB. If you need more data capacity you will need to do multiple uploads.

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