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Ensemble Video Recorder is a browser based solution for video and screen recording.

If this will be your method of recording please let your IT person know. They will need to make you a library within Ensemble Video for your videos to upload to.

To use Ensemble's video recorder:


Download Google Chrome and  Ensemble Video Recording Chrome Extension


Next, you will have to sign in to the extension. You will be prompted to enter a url. You will enter "". You will then be prompted to login. You will do this using your SU NetID and password.


After logging in, you will need to give both the camera and/or microphone access to the extension for it to work properly. When turned on, the circle will be on the right, and the color will change to a dark circle with a light background. When finished, press "Continue."


A small window will open, and you may choose between recording your Desktop or Webcam. You may change the settings here as needed to best suit your needs.


After you press "Start Recording," it will countdown before allowing you to select if you wish to record your entire screen, or a certain application if you selected to record your screen. Select what you wish to share, then press "Share."

Two things will open on your screen. One will be on the top right, showing you the length of your recording, as well as options to pause or stop it. You can hide it by clicking on the extension icon above it.


When your recording is finished, it will open in a new tab. It displays all information about your video.
In My Recordings, you can see all videos recorded, as well as select if you would like to upload or delete the videos. Rename the video, then upload the video.

Selecting "Permalink" where the upload function was will bring you to the exact web address of your video so you can share it if you would like.

The process is the same for screen recording. Simply select the Desktop Icon instead of Webcam.

If you need further guidance Ensemble provides a video walking you through the process.

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