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Who should I go to for assistance and questions? 

Please refer to the table below to find the best faculty/staff member to contact:

Dr. Kathy Vander Werff - Department Chair
  • Student concerns and questions
    • Following question and grievance procedures (here)

Clinic Directors

  • Dr. Joe Pellegrino - Audiology
  • Dr. Colleen Gargan - Speech-Language Pathology
  • Clinical concerns
  • Placements and externships
  • Licensing questions

Lisa Shoen  - CSD Dept Operations Specialist

  • Keys
  • Building access
  • Registration for courses
  • Academic degree progress
  • ASHA verification
  • Maintains curriculum and schedule of courses

Tracy Williams - CSD Academic Dept Office Coordinator
  • Maintenance requests - copiers, lights, classroom issues
  • Maintains website and communications
  • Ordering supplies

Laura Sartori Petroff - CSD Budget Associate
  • Student payroll
  • Travel funds (request here)

Ilene Firenze - Gebbie Clinic Office Coordinator 
  • Client scheduling and contact, check-in, clinic room use

Gonz Romero - Gebbie Clinic Office Coordinator
  • Referral for client insurance questions
  • Coverage of clinic reception desk

Where do I find ...? 

When is the deadline for...?


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