Full-time status form:

ALL SLP, AuD and PhD graduate students need to complete the full-time status form for each semester during which the student is registered for FEWER THAN 9 credits in any semester but are on full-time externship, working on a thesis or dissertation, or otherwise in full-time required work. This designation is required to maintain eligibility for health insurance and important for student loan purposes. It is your responsibility to make sure you are consistently enrolled and have full-time status for those reasons.

The student should sign and submit the form (available at https://graduateschool.syr.edu/student-resources/forms/)  electronically to the CSD main office (Lisa Shoen at lmshoen@syr.edu) for the Department’s signature. The completed form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office in 106 Steele Hall (and also to the Slutzker Center for International Services for international students). The deadline for this form is the same as the "Add Deadline" for the semester in which full-time status is being certified. This form is important for health insurance and student loan purposes and is your responsibility to submit each semester you are registered for fewer than 9 credits.

The University policy is that graduate students can enroll for a maximum of 15 credits. In general, CSD students will not be permitted to exceed that maximum, because any overload will often compromise the student’s academic or clinical success. In rare circumstances for which a credit overload is needed to accommodate unique scheduling needs, the student may request permission from their advisor and then file a petition for consideration through the Graduate School.

Link to student forms https://registrar.syr.edu/students/student-forms/

Request for Incomplete 

Students who have exceptional circumstances that may necessitate an incomplete in a course should discuss with their academic advisor and course instructor. A Request for Incomplete should be filled out by the student and instructor and signed by the student, course instructor, and department chair. The instructor will enter the incomplete into the MySlice grade roster and both the student and instructor will receive an email verification. The course grade will appear on the transcript as IF (Incomplete F)  until all requirements are completed (which must be by the date specified on the incomplete form), meaning that it will be calculated as an F in the GPA (0 points) until the incomplete is removed and changed to a final course grade by the instructor after requirements are complete. If the requirements are not completed by the date, the grade will automatically convert to an F. 

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