A student may request an incomplete in place of a grade if they have exceptional circumstances that prevent them from fulfilling all course requirements on time.  


  • The student will ask for approval for an incomplete or through discussions among student, advisor, chair (and program faculty as appropriate) an incomplete is determined to be the best course given the student's circumstances
    • There must be enough completed content to have a grade assigned based on work to date.  An incomplete is not available if the student has not completed enough work on which to base a grade.
    • Although the REGISTRAR no longer requires or accepts the paper/electronic form, the DEPARTMENT requires that the student (and advisor or course instructor) fill out and sign an incomplete request form. All requirements to remove the incomplete should be listed with signature indicating the student is aware of these requirements. Signatures should obtained from the student, course instructor and department chair, and the form should be saved in the student's digital advising file.
  • Faculty will enter the incomplete into the grade roster on MySlice using the button at the top right of the roster.  
    • There is an additional page to document the terms of the agreement, including the requirements for completing the course and the date which the incomplete must be completed. Be careful to enter the date carefully, as it will automatically convert on the date entered.
      • An incomplete with default grade calculates as the default grade in the student's GPA.  For example IF is a default grade of F - the grade for the course will calculate as an F until changed, and if not changed before the deadline will convert to an F.
      • If a grade other than F is the grade to be recorded (i.e., a passing grade) the circumstances should not be one in which the student would have an unfair advantage over other students in the course in being able to pass simply by not completing work required of others
    • Once submitted both the instructor and student will receive an email with the details entered on system.
  • When the student has completed the terms and requirements, faculty will enter the new grade in MySlice.
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