I am able to provide day care and virtual classroom access on Thursdays in the JD district for middle school age kids.

I can take up to 3; have 2 of my own.  Internet by byod.

pack a lunch, u drop off, u pick up.

7:45 am to 5:30 pm

$45  /day/student


  1. Great news. Do you have a backyard?  What about pets?

  2. Humans only.  House-trained appreciated. No backyard but a 10x20 enclosed (wire) kennel.

  3. I have been working out of our Academic Applications Space (acadapps).  The test page is there and all the macros to show the blog list are pulling from that space.

    At this time when I create a blog I have to be sure to specify the Space and not my personal blog. 

    Brandon and I discussed the need for the Space page to contain Post buttons that blog in the Space as well as possibly label for topical organization

  4. did you update the space permissions?