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Technology-related purchases are subject to the university’s procurement, accessibility and security policies and guidelines (refer to Technical Services can assist student organizations in selecting technology and applications that meets their needs and are appropriate for use in the university environment.

What does a Student Organization do if it wants to purchase technology, software or IT services?

Student organizations should consult both with their consultant (e.g. in the Office of Student Activities or Barnes Center Recreation) and ESE Technical Services before considering any technology-related purchases. For purchases of computers or other hardware, Technical Services will help research equipment that works well in the university environment, work with University representatives to ensure the best pricing and prepare quotes as needed.

The purchase of new software and/or web applications can be more complicated. Applications must meet university policies for accessibility and security should be vetted for both before considering a purchase. Also, review of contracts for new applications or services can take significant time as well. ESE Technical Services can help student organizations identify software and services that meet university guidelines but student organizations should plan such purchases early and contact us several months in advance to allow enough time to research solutions, test accessibility, and review contracts.

Can ESE Technical Services recommend computers and other technology for purchase?

Yes. Syracuse University has standardized vendors for most technology items (e.g. Dell for desktop and laptop computers). Technical Services can work with a student organization's consultant in either the Office of Student Activities or Barnes Center Recreation on price quotes and potential vendors for equipment. Unless needs are highly specialized (e.g. for student media organizations), it is recommended that student organizations use the standard vendors and equipment that are known to work in the university environment.

Does ESE Technical Services provide peripherals or accessories (e.g. keyboards, mice) to Student Organizations?

Not for most items although we can assist a student organization’s consultant in the Office of Student Activities with purchases of those items. Technical Services can provide network cabling to attach equipment to the university network. If you are unsure what you need, please consult with Technical Services who can help with specifications.

When a Student Organization purchases software, who owns the software and where can it be installed?

Software purchased by a student organization using its budget is the property of the organization. The software can be installed on university-owned equipment including those computers purchased by the student organization. The software should not be installed on personal computers of the student members of an organization. Software should be registered under the name of the organization in question and not an individual user.

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