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Chauncey Holmes Geology Prize: Established in 1961 by Professor Holmes, this award recognizes outstanding students in introductory geology courses. Usually 2 students for the big 105 classes (250+ students), 1 student from other intro classes, limited to SU students (no ESF) – only 105 and 203.

Estwing Award: A rock hammer, donated by the Estwing Corporation, is awarded annually to recognize the Department’s most outstanding undergraduate students. We can award two hammers. These are regarded as awards for promising undergraduates – perhaps not seniors or juniors, or for students who have improved markedly over the years.
Thomas Cramer Hopkins Award: This award includes an annual scholarship to outstanding junior or senior earth sciences major from the Thomas Cramer Hopkins Memorial Fund. Thomas Cramer Hopkins Award – “The scholarship is to be awarded not later than Commencement of each college year to that student who has elected to take major work in the Department of Geology and who has, during the prior years in the University, shown the greatest interest in and aptitude for a career as a geologist.  The continuance of the scholarship during the following senior year will be determined by a confirmation of these interests and by superior scholarship.”
This account was established in March 1958 by William B. Heroy and his late wife, Jessie Page Heroy, in honor of their geology teacher Thomas Cramer Hopkins.  Eligibility is for Junior and Seniors majoring in Geology. This is regarded as the award for the top undergraduate student.
Daniel F. Merriam Award: The Daniel F. and Annie L. Merriam Scholarship fund provides this annual award to full-time matriculated undergraduate geology majors on the basis of academic achievement, extra-curricular contributions, and professional promise. Merriam Award -  “The recipients of the “PRIZE” shall be full-time matriculated, undergraduate, SU student(s) majoring in geology.  Recipients shall be selected by the faculty of the Geology Department and the Financial Aid office.  The prize given annually shall be based on academic achievement, financial need, extracurricular contributions to the department of geology and professional promise.”  
This account was established in 1975 between Daniel F & Annie L Merriam and Syracuse University.  NOTE:  Amended in July 1981 to eliminate the word scholarship and replace it with the word PRIZE. This is regarded as the award for the second best undergraduate student
Vincent McKelvey Scholarship: This annual scholarship to graduate or undergraduate geology students is made available from the Vincent McKelvey Memorial Fund. This is usually awarded to graduate students (at least since 2016) so the money awarded does not simply offset undergraduate student aid and that student gets no extra monetary benefit.



Newton E. Chute Award: This is an annual $350 prize awarded annually to the Department’s most outstanding graduate student on the basis of scholarship, service to the department and professional promise. Newton E. Chute Award – Outstanding graduate student in the dept as determined by the faculty.  The winner will be judged on the following criteria:  Scholarship, Service to the Dept, and professional promise.  Established in 1977 by Newton E. Chute & Mrs. Chute for excellence in graduate study. This is regarded as the award for the top graduate student.
Marjorie Hooker Geology Award: This award includes a $350 annual prize for the year’s outstanding thesis proposal or dissertation proposal.Marjorie Hooker Award – Best research proposal.  To be judged by the faculty.  1976 Dan Merriam, Chair, established the Marjorie Hooker Award with contributions from friends and colleagues at the USGS in memory of Marjorie Hooker.This has tended to be awarded to a PhD student who has also done well in qualifying oral exam
Vincent McKelvey Scholarship: This annual scholarship to graduate or undergraduate geology students is made available from the Vincent McKelvey Memorial Fund. See above – usually awarded to a graduate student.
K. Douglas Nelson Award: This award, first presented in 2007, recognizes the outstanding graduate research in field-oriented tectonics and geophysics. The recipient has the privilege and responsibility of caring for Doug Nelson’s treasured coffee mug for the year. It includes an award of $350 from the K. Douglas Nelson Memorial Fund. This award usually goes to the graduate student epitomizing the spirit of Doug Nelson – good basic fieldwork (mapping and structure) with the student exhibiting initiative and often does the fieldwork on their own.
Chair’s Award: Established in 2005, this award is made to a graduate student in recognition of outstanding service to the Department. Decided by the chair – but faculty often offer suggestions and students who have organized the CNY graduate student symposium or epitomized extra service to the department often do well. Sometimes students share this award.
Best Publication Award: Approximately $1000 annually is awarded to one or more students for the most outstanding publications on which the student appears as the first author. May 1 is the cut-off – papers must be published, in press, accepted (email from editor), or accepted with revisions, but not accepted with the chance to resubmit. Students must be enrolled (no graduated students).

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