Geology Field Camp + Semester Programs

The Geology of New Zealand Program (Geology) combines a 4/5-week field camp with campus semester at the University of Canterbury located in Christchurch on New Zealand’s South Island. Field Camp consists of a series of interlinked modules that explore the stratigraphy, mountain building, and tectonics of the South Island, and the volcanology and geothermal geology of the North Island. Due to COVID-19, 4 weeks of field camp will occur before the semester starts, while the final capstone mapping week will occur during mid-semester break.  Don't worry, you still have two weeks during mid semester break to explore New Zealand! While at the University of Canterbury, students can enroll in four courses, one of which can be a research methods course offered only to FA students.

Field Camp Spring & Spring Semester: 

For 4/5 weeks, students will travel throughout the North and South Islands, deciphering the geologic evolution of New Zealand from a series of linked field modules. Our goal is to provide students with a skill base of field-focused techniques that will enable them to understand the fundamental causes and timescales of geologic processes. Field work is complemented by map preparation and exercises in the evenings, as well as lectures that highlight a wide variety of our staff’s field and laboratory-based studies.

The final module of field camp will advance your field mapping skills on the tectonically-active Kaikoura Peninsula (the shore platform was uplifted 1 metre in the 2016 earthquake). Building on your field mapping skills you will map the Kaikoura Peninsula, including the compilation of a detailed stratigraphic column, geologic map with contacts, key structures, surficial deposits, geomorphic features, and cross section of Late Cretaceous to Tertiary (Miocene) deformed sedimentary rocks. You will develop an understanding of both the structural, tectonic and geomorphic evolution of the Kaikoura Peninsula, and interpretations of depositional processes and environments.

During the semester students may take up to 4 courses.

The required Semester Courses are:

  1. GEOL 356 Field Focused Research methods. (Please note: on the transcript you receive from Skidmore college this courses will be JNGE351D – Research Methods in Geology 
  2. One course within the Department of Geological Sciences (any course starting with GEOL).

Elective Courses

  • Two courses of your choosing

Popular Courses at UC (based upon past student enrollment):

To view ES courses (Semester 1 is Spring):

In total you can receive up to 21 credits from Skidmore College. 5 for field camp and up to 16 for the Semester at UC.

For additional information:

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