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This is the home of the Ensemble space.

This is the home page for our Rich Media Service - Ensemble, information.

Ensemble comes to ITS!

Ensemble is a video asset management tool, similar to something like YouTube, but hosted at Syracuse University. Throughout spring and summer 2011, ITS and Ensemble Video will partner to migrate all existing content from the Whitman School of Management to Machinery Hall. Centrally locating the data Ensemble stores will help us to solidify Ensemble as a service open to the entire University Community.

As we get this service underway, we'll be adding lots of resources to this page, including introductory tutorials, help documents, and information that you can use to get the most out of Ensemble. Check back often, we're just getting started with getting you answers on Ensemble!

Want to know more? Have questions already?

If you're looking for information about getting an account, please ask your Distributed Support Person (DSP) or send a request to ensemble@syr.edu .

For general Ensemble questions, send an email to ensemble@syr.edu .

Have questions about Captioning at Syracuse University?

Learn about Captioning.

Sources and Relevant Links

- Go straight to Ensemble

- Check out the Video Showcase


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