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This article explains how to embed one video on a page with complimentary text, images and other content. You can view an embed code example here.

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Overview of the Ensemble Video Embed Code

When using Quick Publish or the HTML Plug-in, you will notice on the bottom of a viewer access page for an individual video that there is an "Embed Code" link. You can also find this link when Previewing a video in your Media Library or in the Add/Edit wizard.

If you click that link it uncovers some HTML code you can paste into another Web page to embed a video player, or preview images/viewer link if there is no embedded player, for that particular video.

Loading Ensemble Video

There are two versions of the Embed Code.

  1. Simple: The Simple version works in most Web sites, content management systems, Learning Management Systems and other Web destinations. However, there are certain situations where the Web site where you are inserting the Embed code modifies the code and causes a conflict.
  2. Better Compatablity: For these situations there is an alternate version which you can access with the dropdown menu at the right by selecting "Better Compatablity".

You can also adjust the dimensions of the embedded player, and with Show Title checkbox  you can toggle the video Title off so it won't be embedded above the Flash-based player.

You can view an embed code example here.

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