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This article shows users how to add or edit a video using the Ensemble Video Add/Edit Wizard. View the How to Add a Video Quicksheet.

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Adding a Video Entry in Ensemble Video

This document explains how to add and upload a video entry to ensemble video. Adding or editing an item in your library moves you into the Ensemble Video Add/Edit Wizard, where you go through a series of forms to create and describe your content. There are five main forms in the Wizard:

  1. Description -- Where you enter descriptive information
  2. Credits -- Where you add credits (Narrator, Director, Producer, etc.)
  3. Manage Content -- A set of forms where you can upload/manage audio-video, closed captions, images, attachments, and Web links.
  4. Web Publishing -- Select the Web destinations where you want to publish your video item.
  5. Publish -- Make the item live for internal and external viewers. Can also be used to ¿un-publish¿ video entries.


View the How to Add a Video Quicksheet. This document shows users how to add or edit a video using Ensemble Video.You can also view the How to Publish a Video training video. 

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Ensemble Video is an innovative enterprise video content management platform developed at Syracuse University and it is currently in use in dozens of higher education organizations. Ensemble Video simplifies rich media publishing, management and streaming from one management system. Ensemble Video helps you publish videos to Blackboard, Sharepoint, Cascade,  iTunes/iTunesU, web pages, iPads and more. Learn more at www.EnsembleVideo.com.