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This article shows explains how to automatically caption content in Ensemble Video using the Automatic Sync Integration. 

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Overview of Ensemble Video Automatic Sync Integration

This document and training video shows you how to use our integrated captioning feature to make content accessible to user with disabilities through our web-based video player. The integrated captioning feature is built into Ensemble Video and uses Automatic Sync Technologies award-winning service. View the How to Automatically Caption Video PDF.

Loading Ensemble Video

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Ensemble Video is an innovative enterprise video content management platform developed at Syracuse University and it is currently in use in dozens of higher education organizations. Ensemble Video simplifies rich media publishing, management and streaming from one management system. Ensemble Video helps you publish videos to Blackboard, Sharepoint, Cascade,  iTunes/iTunesU, web pages, iPads and more. Learn more at www.EnsembleVideo.com.


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