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This article shows covers Internal Publishing using Ensemble Video. 

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Overview of Internal Publishing using Ensemble Video

Content Administrators have the option to publish without selecting a Web publishing destination or department in the Web Publishing section. These videos will not be accessible to any outside viewers, but instead will be visible to Viewers who log in to your Ensemble Video department library.

The items in your Media Library will be seen as:

  • Not Viewable: only available to Content Administrators
  • Viewable: available to Viewers
  • Published: available to Viewers, and also published on public Web destinations and/or shared with other departments

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Ensemble Video is an innovative enterprise video content management platform developed at Syracuse University and it is currently in use in dozens of higher education organizations. Ensemble Video simplifies rich media publishing, management and streaming from one management system. Ensemble Video helps you publish videos to Blackboard, Sharepoint, Cascade,  iTunes/iTunesU, web pages, iPads and more. Learn more at www.EnsembleVideo.com.