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This article explains how to add and manage web destination categories. You can view an example here.

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Overview of the Web Destination Categories

When you create a new Web destination, a category called Default Category is automatically created.  For small collections of videos, or when you use Quick Publish, categories are not needed. But if you have more than few dozen videos, and you are using the Ensemble Video HTML Plug-in to publish your content, categories can be very useful. You can rename Default Category and add, edit, and delete other categories as needed.  To do this, click on the Configure button in the Categories column of the main screen of the Web Publishing Tab, for any of the Web Destinations you¿ve defined. 

You can add more categories by clicking on the  *button on the right side of the **{}Configure Categories* panel.  You will be prompted for a name for each category that you add.  Click on the Edit button to modify an existing category, and click on the delete  button to delete a category.

You can view an example here.

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