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Ensemble allows users to generate reports on how frequently videos have been viewed.

  1. Sign into Ensemble. From the menu at the left of the screen, select “Administration” and then “Library” and finally “Reporting.”

    Image of Ensemble menu with Reporting button highlighted.

  2. Make sure that the “Content Popularity” report is selected in the “Select a Report” drop down menu and that your content library is loaded in the Overview area. Select the “Date Range” option and select the “Custom” option. Change the beginning date to January 1, 2012 and the end date to the current date. Hit the submit button to select this date range.

    Screenshot of reporting page.

  3. Select the column header labeled “Total Views” twice to sort your video library by most viewed video.

    Screenshot highlighting Total Views column.

  4. Select the “Export” button, choose CSV for the file type and save the file to your computer.

    Screenshot highlighting Export Button and CSV option.

Additional documentation on Ensemble's reporting features are available on Ensemble's support site.

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