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This document explains the basic components of the Ensemble Video interface. 

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Overview of the Ensemble Video Interface

Ensemble Video uses a Tabbed interface, so you can easily navigate to different areas of the interface by clicking on the headings for each Tab. When your first log in, you will see a list of media items that you have in your department library -- this is the Media Library Tab. All Ensemble Video interface Tabs are visible in the center of the page when you log in, just above the listing of items in the department media library. They are also available at the top of each page.

Only you and the other users with accounts in your Ensemble Video department have access to your content. The department name appears at the top of the page.

Here a quick summary of each of the tabs in the Ensemble Video interface:

  • Media Library -- Searchable department media library with functions for adding, editing, deleting, and copying video content.
  • Shared Library -- A library of videos shared to your department from other departments that are using your implementation of Ensemble Video. You can view and publish these videos.
  • Web Publishing -- Here is where you define and manage the Web publishing destinations where you will make your video content available to external viewers.
  • Administration -- Provides controls you can use to customize content settings and set video sharing permissions.

Loading Ensemble Video

Help & Support 

View the Getting Started video. This video gives users a basic understanding of the Ensemble Video user interface.

Learn More

Ensemble Video is an innovative enterprise video content management platform developed at Syracuse University and it is currently in use in dozens of higher education organizations. Ensemble Video simplifies rich media publishing, management and streaming from one management system. Ensemble Video helps you publish videos to Blackboard, Sharepoint, Cascade,  iTunes/iTunesU, web pages, iPads and more. Learn more at www.EnsembleVideo.com.


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