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This article explains how to secure video content and web destination using the Ensemble Video Add/Edit Wizard. 

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Overview of Video Content Security in Ensemble Video

You can publish content on a Web destination in a secure "locked down" fashion such that ONLY individuals who have access to that Web destination can view that content.

For example, you can publish content via the Ensemble HTML Plug-in to a Learning Management System or employee training portal and register that Web server in Ensemble so that ONLY users that gain access to the content by logging in to the LMS or portal can view the content.

To do this, click on the padlock icon next to your web destination, which will take you to an interface where you can register one or more DNS names or IP addresses. Just add the host name or IP address of the secure Web destination where you want to publish your content (or enter more than one if you want to be able to publish to more than one secure environment). You can also easily edit and delete host name/IP Address entries.

Once you've registered the DNS name or IP address where you want to secure your content, embed the HTML Plug-in code on the target Web server, and only those with access to that Web site will be able to view your content.

  • When you publish an item to the locked down Web destination, the Ensemble Video HTML Plug-in for that Web destination will NOT work if embedded on any other Web servers.
  • The source media URL is obscured so users can¿t find it and make it available in any other context.
  • Also, the embed codes that are normally available when you embed the HTML Plug-in will not appear, so users won't be able to embed the videos in any other Web site.
  • For further protection, system administrators can set up encrypted streaming, and for those organizations that use Wowza for streaming, administrators can enable secure token passing between the Flash-based player and Wowza Media server.

Training Video

View the How to Publish a Video training video. This video shows users how to setup a web destination and publish a video.

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