Career Services staff members need a Career Staff account in Handshake to be able to post events, hold appointments and gain the most functionality out of the system. The following roles are available in the system: School Settings: Career Services Staff Roles and Permissions

  1. Please contact your Information Coordinator (typically your IT group either has someone who can make the request or they can refer you to your IC) to make a FAST request for Handshake PROD. The information coordinator will need to know the role you or the appropriate staff member requires to be able to place the request. Roles can be found at the link above.
  2. Your information coordinator may also request individual roles if you find there is another role required outside of those provided by the chosen role. For instance, if you choose Career Counselor but also need the role 'Labels," that role can be listed in the FAST request.
  3. Once the FAST request is made, the Handshake system administrator on campus will create the account and the user will be notified via both FAST and Handshake.
  4. For questions on this process, please contact 

The goal of the FAST request process for access to Handshake is to protect student data and those who have access to it. When I user leaves the university or their position, the Handshake system administrator is notified and is then able to archive the staff account to remove access, unless the user has move to a role that still requires it.