Linking your Employer Account with your Student and or Career Staff Account.

It's possible that you may want to create an Employer account using the same email you use for your Student account. Here's how to do that! 

In order to have both your Student account and your Employer account connect, you may first need to set up Handshake Login Credentials. This is likely because you are currently logged into Handshake using your school's Single Sign On. Employer users do not have access to sign in with SSO for security purposes. 

If you already have a Handshake password created, you can skip to the section below to create the employer account. 

Begin by creating your Handshake Login Credentials first. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Select "sign in with your email address."
  3. Enter your email in the text field
  4. Click Next
  5. Click “Or login using your Handshake credentials”
  6. Select “Forgot your password”
  7. Enter your email address and select reset password
  8. Follow the instructions sent to your email
  9. Create your password, which needs to be at least 12 characters long. When you've set your password successfully, you'll see this page:

    This will not re-create your University Single Sign On Password. This is a completely separate password, used for Handshake purposes only. Once you're able to log into your Handshake account using this newly created password, you can now create your Employer User Account.

    **Please Note: You will need to sign out of your Handshake account for this next process. You can do this by clicking your name in the top right corner, then click on Sign Out. 

Create an Employer Account

  1. Navigate back to
  2. Select “No Account? Sign up here.” To create a new employer account.

    NOTE: Sometimes Handshake will remember your login so you may need to open a new browser window to get to the correct screen.

  3. Use the exact same credentials that you just created to register for that account. It will ask you to authenticate your password. This is the same password that you just created.
  4. You MUST select the type of students you wish to recruit. You do NOT need to enter your Alma Mater.
  5. Employers are asked to acknowledge our employer guidelines and indicate if they are a third party recruiter.
  6. Employers are asked to confirm their email to continue in the process.
  7. Based on the employer contact’s email domain, Handshake will give them matches to their potential specified company. If the employer’s company is already in Handshake, they will be prompted to request to join to get started on Handshake. Be sure to select to join Syracuse University.
  8. The employer will then be prompted to select schools that they wish to connect with. The school that initially invited them will be pre-selected. Employers can utilize the filters on the right to further specify schools by filter or rank. SEARCH FOR SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY and select the + next to the school.

  9. The select “Next: Finish.”

  10. An approving staff member from the company will receive an email to approve the new contact as a valid employee of said company to add them as a new staff member on Handshake. The staff member can then approve them as a contact within their employer staff management. Employers are given options below to get started with Handshake while they wait for approval.

  11. Once you complete this step and your account is approved, you will have an employer account connected to your student account. You can toggle between the accounts by using the drop down menu under your name.