When adding qualifications for anything in Handshake, including events, appointments, resources, and more.

Step-by-step guide

  1. LEAVE SCHOOL YEARS BLANK: Unless you're selecting a specific school year to filter on (ex. just Freshman or just Seniors) you can leave those options blank and by default they all students will be included.
  2. USE INSTITUTION LABEL: As a general best practice, ALWAYS use INSTITUTION LABEL (ex. school of architecture or the college of arts and sciences) as this is a system label comes from PeopleSoft and includes any student with an affiliation to the school. This is the best way to ensure that your students are provided access. The school/college system labels include dual students.
  3. DO NOT USE MAJOR OR COLLEGE NAME: I would advise against using Major or College Name as this can be manually changed by students (especially alumnus who aren't part of our daily feed) and of course major groups is for employers so steer clear of that as well.

Testing settings with your own student account

TIP: Use an actual student for a real experience, don’t use your student account.

Because your student account isn't part of the feed, I would also advise against using your student account to test viewing resources or accessibility of appointments based on qualifications. Instead, head over to Manage - Students - and filter on Label – ex. “the college of arts and sciences” and then select a user, scroll down and on the right you can view as that user. That is the best way to know what an actual student is seeing in the system.

In summary,

  • only check the school year names if you need to narrow the population.
  • use institution label: ex. the college of arts and sciences to include all a&S students
  • don't use majors/major groups or college name fields
  • navigate to manage - students - filter on labels – the college of arts and sciences and select a student to view as to see their experience.