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  • Alumni Engagement (Contacts, Alumni Accounts in Handshake, Importing alumni into Handshake pre-2018 (date of Handshake launch))
  • Navigating Alumni Hub
Alumni Hub

All Alumni who maintain access to SU systems by updating their password once a year, maintain the same level of access to all career systems except for VMock. VMock transitions all alumni into an optional paid service if they want to continue using VMock upon graduation.

Employer Alumni

The Alumni Hub helps you build, track, and nurture relationships with your most important alumni contacts. Centralizing key data about employer users who attended your institution, the hub acts as a jumping off point for engaging your alumni and unlocking unique opportunities for your students. For more information see Handshake Support: Alumni Hub.

Alumni Contacts

Working with Contacts to leverage your Alumni engagement is the same as above. However, it is helpful to include the graduation year after the Contact is created in order to finalize the Contact's status as Alumni in Contacts.

It may also be helpful to create a label to support sorting by these contacts in Contacts.

Pro Tip!

Want to notify a colleague about an employer or contact interaction using Notes?

Tag a colleague using "+" and then begin typing their name or email.

This will allow you to notify a colleague of, for example, an important conversation or visit to campus that might be relevant to others.

For more information see Handshake Help: Using Notes in Handshake.

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