Alumni are provided continuous access to Handshake and are encouraged to use Handshake post-graduation for their job search, etc!

Syracuse University has implemented a new policy effective May 2024 that removes access to university email accounts for alumni, 12 months after last term of attendance. This is retroactive and therefore any alumni who graduated May 2023 or later will lose access to their SU email account in May 2024. 

For users with an existing Handshake account that still have access to their SUmail: you MUST follow this quick process to add a personal email address in Handshake and make it your primary email. Failure to add a personal email and make it your primary will result in loss of access to your Handshake account. 

For users with an existing Handshake account that no longer have access to their SUmail: email for assistance.

For alumni with no existing Handshake account (prior to 2018): you may request an account using your personal email by following the instructions here: Alumni Handshake Account Requests

Note: Please do not create a new Handshake account if you have an existing account. Please email for assistance.

  1. visit

  2. Select "No account? Sign up here" in the upper right corner of the page. You may sign up with an alternate email address.

  3. If you still use your email address you may enter it here, or you may enter your personal email address and select Next.

  4. Search for Syracuse University, then select Next.

  5. Create a password then click create account.


Once the signup process is complete, your account request will go to the campus administrator who will review to be sure you are an alumni of Syracuse University. You may receive a communication asking you to verify your status with the university and provide information such as previous names used, graduation year, SUID, netid or major.

Once your account has been approved: to login as an alumni, visit and select "Sign in with your email address" underneath the Syracuse University Login button. The Blue SU login button is only used for current active students or those people who still have an active netid and password associated with their Handshake account.