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Contacts on Handshake is a centralized location for all career center related relationship management. It can best be described as a phone/address book.


Creating a contact in Handshake does not influence any other part of Handshake automatically. However, once a Contact is created manually by your or your team or automatically through system usage by an employer, these Contacts can be associated with other features in Handshake.

  • For example, Events allow for you to attach "Contacts" so that students can see who is hosting/attending/leading the event or Contacts without a Handshake account can be mass invited to create an account in order to attend a Virtual Career Fair.

While it is helpful to provide support in high stress instances, as a default, career practitioners should encourage employers and their respective university relationship managers or direct contacts to take ownership of their Handshake profiles at all levels, which includes updating and creating their Staff Members. This supports employers becoming comfortable with engaging with Handshake for not only our University, but all others they may work with.

Employers can be directed to:

  1. Handshake Pathfinders or Handshake 101
  2. Employer Handshake Help or Employer Quickstart Guide (video)
  3. How to Deactivate or Reinstate Teammate Accounts
  4. A guide to Employer Role Types in Handshake


There are no Contact approvals. However, when vetting an employer, User (Staff Member) information should be taken into consideration as part of the employer approval process. See Employers for more information on employer approvals.


Promoting your events and fairs in Handshake can take many forms. Including, but not limited to, using Contacts to send invites and/or invite Contacts to become Users (create a Handshake account) at their companies (associate the Handshake account with their employer).

For more information on these opportunities, please see the following:

  1. Connecting Employer Users With Their Company
  2. How to Email Contacts in Handshake
  3. Inviting Contacts to Become Users: Custom Employer Invite Process
  4. Inviting Contacts to Become Users: Standard Employer Invite Process
  5. Linking Contacts and Users

Default Search Filters

See Handshake Help Center: Create a Saved Search.


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