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Events in Handshake can be used in a multitude of ways. The most common and recommended use would be for very specific short-term events. It is not recommended to use Events as a placeholder for non-event items or for events that are multi-week/month (or more). Please contact for recommendations on adjusting or accommodating your office needs.

Please see the updated (June 2022) Help Center guide on Creating an Event which supports providing information on the new event creation form layout.

The Events page will list all events. It is highly recommended to create and save default search filters to support your office or position needs when working with this section of Handshake. For example, you may want to create a search filter based around your office 'event label' or events created only by your Career Center.

When using Analytics, it can be cumbersome to aggregate data based on all the criteria needed to drill-down your event data by only those provided by your department or that your department was directly involved in. It is recommended to create a generic office label (e.g.: 'central - cs' or 'ecs - cs') to be added to all events provided by your office. This allows you to quickly and efficiently utilize Analytics reporting for your events based on the label, rather than multiple filter drill-downs.

Lastly, make sure your office is ready to approve relevant events on a weekly basis throughout the year. For example, the staff at the College of Engineering and Computer Science may want to make sure that  events posted directly from Google have been approved before the event expires. 

Default Search Filters

We’ll use the Jobs tab for this example. This is the same process for this section as well.

First, create your search:

  1. Click Jobs on the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. You will see toward the left of the screen a list of filters you can use to create the criteria for your search.  Filters include items such as Job Type, Salary Type, School Year, etc.  Select the criteria for your search.  You will see that the list of Jobs change as you narrow your search by adding additional criteria.

Next, follow these steps if you’d like to save your search results:

  1. Click Save These Filters.
    1. Remember, by saving your search you are saving the criteria for the search, not the data the search yielded.  The jobs meeting this criteria could possibly change from day to day.
  2. Enter a Name and Description of your search and click Save.

Save filters preview

Lastly, follow these steps if you’d like to make your search filters your default search filter:

  1. Click My Saved Filters.
  2. A My Saved Filters window will appear.  Click the three ellipses next to the saved search of your choice. Choose Set as Default.
  3. DO NOT PRESS "APPLY FILTERS". Instead, refresh the page.
  4. Your search in now your default search. Each time you return to the page, you will only see these set preferences.
    1. Feel free to remove certain searches as you need or set new default searches as needed.

saved filters for job postings

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Event Planning Best Practices

Pro Tip!

Is your event of a certain type where you would like attendees to receive a certain label?

Attach an Attendee Survey that has an associated label for those who complete the survey!

When creating a survey in Handshake, you're allowed to add a label for those who have completed the survey. Associating a survey with a label attached to an event will allow you to keep track of students who might have attended a certain annual event, immersion trip, or other event of this nature.

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