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There are a wide range of event types that career services offers. Handshake defaults to the following:


At this time - there are none! If you would like to host a Virtual Session, at this time, please choose Virtual Session as the event Type. This is changing in a future update!

Direct from Handshake

Academy: Kiosk Training (for Events)

Help Center: Events & Fairs ManagementEvent Requests & Management | Kiosk Setup and Usage (Events, Fairs, Name tags) | Events & Fairs Engagement | Examples: Invitation Emails | Importing Historical Events

For Students & Alumni: Events & Fairs

For Employers:  Engage with Early TalentEvents

For Premium Employers: Employer Premium Features | Premium: In-Person Event Check-In

Event Planning Best Practices

Pro Tip!

Is your event of a certain type where you would like attendees to receive a certain label?

Attach an Attendee Survey that has an associated label for those who complete the survey!

When creating a survey in Handshake, you're allowed to add a label for those who have completed the survey. Associating a survey with a label attached to an event will allow you to keep track of students who might have attended a certain annual event, immersion trip, or other event of this nature.

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