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First Destination in Handshake allows for the University to have a consolidated location where there is an intentional and active approach to working with graduating students to understand their next steps, or, First Destination. While other survey platforms exist, First Destination in Handshake allows for an expedited and streamlined approach to gathering student information during the surveying and reporting process. First Destination also allows for an automated communication workflow to exist throughout the surveying period, separate from all office based communications to students.

Typically, each year Central Career Services creates a Class of XXXX UG First Destination Survey that is based around NACE standards and University accreditation requirements. It is highly recommended that as many Schools and Colleges are able to utilize this one survey for undergraduates to support a unified approach to communications and collecting results.

If for any reason your School or College must have its own survey, that is okay! Feel free to create your own as needed. However, once this occurs, all communications plans, activities, FDS settings, and more must be owned and managed by the respective department. Feel free to contact Central Career Services at if further support, recommendations, or tips are needed.

2022 FDS Flyer

Class of 2021 UG First Destination Survey preview
End of Survey Promotional Material: TBD
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