This process outlines how to login to Handshake using Microsoft Multifactor Authentication. This process is for current students using their email address and password.


  1. Select the BLUE SU LOGIN button

  2. Once you see the Microsoft window appear, enter your full SU email address and select Next.

  3. Enter your corresponding NetID PASSWORD and select Sign In.

  4. You will need to select a method to verify your identity. Please choose from the options listed. If you're having issues with the options listed, such as they are not current methods of verification, you may visit to update your verification methods.

  5. Once selected, a Microsoft code will be sent to the method of verification. You will need to enter the code on this screen and select verify.

  6. You may select Yes or No on the option to Stay Signed In? It does not make a difference.

  7. You should be logged into Handshake!

If you run into any issues during this process, please email for technical assistance.