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Job Postings Page Overview


You may find yourself working with employers who are unsure of how to utilize Handshake for job postings. In rare instances or high stress instances, it may be necessary to provide direct support to an employer for a job posting, editing, and more. In these cases, feel free to make adjustments and recommendations as per Handshake Help. When a roadblock arises and you are unable to work on behalf of an employer, please send an email to to verify any issues you may have.

Employers are allowed global settings when accessing their account. If you encounter an issue where, for example, editing a job is disabled by the employer, best practice is to contact the employer directly to discuss further improvements on their job positing. More than likely, they may disable Career Service ability to edit Job information is to reduce Job edits that impact multiple University's at once.

While it is helpful to provide support in high stress instances, as a default, career practitioners should encourage employers and their respective university relationship managers or direct contacts to take ownership of their Handshake profiles at all levels, which includes updating and posting their own jobs. This supports employers becoming comfortable with engaging with Handshake for not only our University, but all others they may work with. There are also instances in which an Employer may have their settings set to blocking career practitioners from making changes to their job postings. 

Employers can be directed to:

  1. Handshake Pathfinders or Handshake 101
  2. Employer Handshake Help or Employer Quickstart Guide (video)


Job approvals in Handshake are not 'owned' by any single career practitioner. At this time, it is imperative there is a group effort to support the timeliness of job approvals into the Syracuse University instance of Handshake. As such, each School or College is expected to participate in a timely approach to approving Jobs relevant to their respective departments. This includes, communicating with employers as needed for job posting corrections, edits, and more. At no one time should there be a reliance on a single entity to approve jobs at the University level.

To expedite this process, each career practitioner should be equipped to save job filters relevant to their scope and make this their default job search filter. Please refer to Job Postings Page Overview and Create a Saved Search for more support on this.

Central Career Services will provide 'safety net' support for Job approvals to ensure timely approvals of relevant jobs. However, this workflow will change by December 2022 during the final phase of the Signal Boosting release from Handshake. See Employers for more information.

Auto-Approvals for Jobs

When Processing Job Posting Requests, as needed, consistent and trusted employers may be approved for "auto-approval" in Handshake. This may be done to support workflow of our various career practitioners. This especially holds true when some employers may post Jobs to Handshake on a consistent or at an extremely high-rate. However, be advised, this may work against your workflows if there are high turnover rates of your university-relations partners with employers who may have a different job posting etiquette. It is up to each employer relationship career practitioner to make the best informed decision they can make in collaboration with their direct supervisor and/or relevant support teams such as the Employer Resource Group.

As of 9/2022, Job Auto-Approvals are set to ON.

    • On Campus Student Employment
    • Volunteer
    • Bailiffs, Correctional Officers, and Jailers
    • Bartenders
    • Blockchain Engineers
    • Brand Ambassadors, Product Promoters, and Demonstrators
    • Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Workers
    • Cashiers and Counter Clerks
    • Concierges, Baggage Porters, and Bellhops
    • Customer Service Representatives
    • Customer Success Managers and Sales Representatives of Services
    • Dentists, Orthodontists, Prosthodontists, and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
    • Dishwashers
    • Entertainment Attendants and Related Workers
    • Epidemiologists
    • Gambling and Casino Workers
    • Hosts and Hostesses, Restaurant, Lounge and Coffee Shop
    • Lawyers
    • Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses
    • Miscellaneous Food Preparation and Service Workers
    • Nurse Practitioners
    • Opticians, Dispensing
    • Optometrists
    • Paralegals and Legal Assistants
    • Pharmacists
    • Phlebotomists
    • Physicians and Surgeons
    • Podiatrists
    • Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists
    • Registered Nurses
    • Security Guards
    • Telemarketers
    • Veterinarians
    • Volunteers
    • Waiters and Waitresses
  • None
    • Healthcare
    • Hotels & Accommodation
    • Other Education
    • Other Industries
    • Politics
    • Religious Work
    • Staffing & Recruiting
    • Summer Camps/Outdoor Recreation
    • Veterinary
  • None
    • admin - manual job approval
    • unpaid
  • None
  • Jobs outside of the United States = Yes
  • Work study jobs = Yes
For a listing of jobs that have been Auto Approved, whether by surpassing the above Job Auto Approval Settings OR for employers who are individually toggled ON for Job Auto Approvals, see Jobs in Handshake and use the Automatically Approved filter for Approved Jobs. You may need to adjust any default search filters to view this full list.


Handshake Emails

Jobs in Handshake can be promoted quite a few ways.

  1. Handshake Emails
  2. Jobs > Select Job(s) using check boxes > select Email to Students
  3. Specific Job Posting > Pin an item
Student View

Working with Students: Pro-Tip

As Career Advisors, we are often asked to provide tailored or recommended job postings for students. There are a few ways to do this that are recommended by Handshake whether that is using Handshake Emails to bring in Job posts, outlook emails for newsletters, RSS feeds, and more. Many of these solutions are really helpful for working with a wide range of students or large groups.

Sometimes you just want one link to send to individual students for very specific job recommendations in Handshake. One solution that may help would be to use the Student View of the student's profile, jump to their Job search page, and save search filters to their account.

Here's an example of what this could look like:

  1. Once at a student's profile, click View As This User.

  2. Navigate to the Jobs page and add Filters. Once done, click save this search. The student will now receive notifications based on the filters you saved. You can then copy the URL and hyperlink this for the student. The student will automatically be redirected to this Job search page with the saved filters.

  3. Alternatively: you can also direct students to view their Settings > Notification Preferences to see this and any other saved Job Alerts.

Default Search Filters

We’ll use the Jobs tab for this example. This is the same process for this section as well.

First, create your search:

  1. Click Jobs on the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. You will see toward the left of the screen a list of filters you can use to create the criteria for your search.  Filters include items such as Job Type, Salary Type, School Year, etc.  Select the criteria for your search.  You will see that the list of Jobs change as you narrow your search by adding additional criteria.

Next, follow these steps if you’d like to save your search results:

  1. Click Save These Filters.
    1. Remember, by saving your search you are saving the criteria for the search, not the data the search yielded.  The jobs meeting this criteria could possibly change from day to day.
  2. Enter a Name and Description of your search and click Save.

Save filters preview

Lastly, follow these steps if you’d like to make your search filters your default search filter:

  1. Click My Saved Filters.
  2. A My Saved Filters window will appear.  Click the three ellipses next to the saved search of your choice. Choose Set as Default.
  3. DO NOT PRESS "APPLY FILTERS". Instead, refresh the page.

Your search is now your default search. Each time you return to the page, you will only see these set preferences. Feel free to remove certain searches as you need or set new default searches as needed.

saved filters for job postings

Relevant HS Reports

  1. All Employers
    1. Approved Jobs
    2. Declined Jobs
  2. Approved Employers
    1. Approved Jobs
    2. Auto Approved Jobs
    3. Declined Jobs
    4. In Progress Jobs
    5. Pending Jobs

See Report Settings in Options for full descriptions of each report as needed.

Need support duplicating this report and editing it to your scope? Contact and send the link to the exact report you need support with.


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