Manage Students

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The Manage feature allows you to summarize students by filters in order to bulk add labels, send emails, and more. This view can be altered by Saving a Search and making this your default search.

One drawback is downloading student lists. Unfortunately, you cannot (at this time) download the summarized students to an excel for other purposes. Instead, you'll need to use Analytics to attempt this.

Using Manage, you can also find students to learn more about their Activity in Handshake or View as a Student to show a student what their profile looks like as an employer or support them in creating Job filters during your appointments.

Be sure to use 'Not Labels' to keep Alumni out of your student searches, as needed.

Active vs. Inactive Students

  • Students are considered Active when they are currently enrolled at Syracuse University.
  • Students are considered Inactive when they are not currently enrolled at Syracuse University, taking a leave of absence, or are removed from the university due to conduct issues.
  • Please email if you have any users who need to be archived or blocked from Handshake because they have been removed from the university for conduct issues and.
  • Leave user request space for approve/decline by team.

Note to Consider:

When using Handshake Analytics, the default is for students who are considered Active.  Please make sure your reports reflect your intention and include or exclude Active/Inactive students as needed.

Default Search Filters

See Handshake Help Center: Create a Saved Search.

Pro Tip!

Do you have assigned students at your school or college for each Career Advisor?

You can use the 'Assigned To' feature to sort by these students.

While you don't need to worry about the importing process, you will need to create the file you need make an import data request to

For more information on this, see Handshake Support: Using Importer or request information using

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