1. Student Submits an Experience - student receives a job offer (through Handshake or not) and submits the details by creating a new Experience in Handshake

      1. How to Request an Experience (as a student)
      2. How to Create an Experience (on behalf of a student)
    2. Kick off Approval Process - your office receives a notification for a pending experience and begins the approval process
      1. How to Start and Manage Approvals
      2. How to Manage Experiences that “Need Review” 
    3. Approval - Reviewers receive an email notification that includes a link to an approval form. The reviewer will approve or decline the experience and answer any additional questions you have included.
      1. How to Approve an Experience (as a Reviewer)
    4. Internship - the student’s internship or co-op begins!
    5. Gather Evaluations - review mid term and final evaluation submissions and send manual reminders when necessary
      1. How to Manage Evaluations
    6. Create Reports - once evaluations are gathered, your office can report on all the Experience data!
      1. How to Run Experience Reports
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