• Make sure the correct printer software is installed on your machine. If you have a Dymo 450 turbo the software should be version 8.7.3 DYMO Label Software v.8.7.3. If you have a Dymo 550 Turbo the software should be version 1.4.4 DYMO Label Software v.1.4.4
  • If the printers and laptops are labeled with numbers, please keep those numbers together. Printer 1 plugs into laptop 1 and so on.
  • Is the label printer plugged in?
    • The cables are very loose and can become unplugged easily. Please be sure to check the cables first. There is a blue power light on the front of the printer that is illuminated when plugged in but the USB-A to USB-B cable (the one that goes from printer to laptop) can also come loose on the back of the printer.

  • Handshake shows a green bar and says it’s printing but the badges don’t print:
    • Is there more than one printer in the laptop printer settings?
      • Sometimes when plugged in multiple times or if a different printer is plugged in, a duplicate printer can be created in the laptop printer settings. To fix this:
        • Unplug the dymo printer
        • Search “printers” in the search bar at the bottom toolbar
        • Select the “Printers and Scanners” system settings
        • Look for Dymo printers and if there is more than one, remove the printers by clicking on the printer and selecting “Remove Device”
        • When you plug the printer back in, it should create only one printer and that is what should be used as default when swiping in.

  • If all else fails, either swipe the user into a different machine to print their name badge or have them handwrite their name.


For further assistance contact:

Chris Maldonado


SE Information Technology x1436

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